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Nov 2019

Break Through the Status Quo: Embracing Crazy Wisdom

In this talk Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat explore the topic of 'Crazy Wisdom'. Also known as 'Divine Madness’, these are energetic and unpredictable teachings that help shake students’ fixed views about their reality. The stuck nature of our egos requires a breaking through of the status quo in order to access a place of open spaciousness of possibility. Doug and Catherine also explore the paradox that we actually feel more in control and secure when we let go of our ego’s need to be in charge all the time.
Today’s episode covers ideas that Doug and Catherine explore in detail in their bestselling book, Wasteland to Pureland. The third section of the book is entitled Crazy Wisdom and covers a wide variety of topics, including The Shadow, Tantra, and Money, Sex & Power.
Podcast listeners can download a free chapter from this section of the book by visiting planetdharma.com/crazywisdom
Oct 2019

Surrender Your Self Image: Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

In this talk Doug and Catherine discuss the Buddha’s First Ennobling Truth: that life is always in some degree of struggle. They explore how preferences and anti-preferences contribute to our self image and how the degree to which we suffer is tied to the degree to which we cling or can surrender this limiting view of ourself.
Did you know that Planet Dharma also has a library of articles covering a wide variety of topics? We have over 100 blog posts on our website offering dharmic perspectives on all sorts of issues of interest to awakening beings. You can check them out at www.planetdharma.com/articles.
Oct 2019

Unchain Yourself: The Benefits of Spiritual Awakening

In this talk Doug and Catherine explore the process of spiritual awakening and its many benefits. They discuss how it leads to greater freedom and control in our lives, makes us less subject to old habits and conditioning, and allows us to bring all aspects of our self into consciousness.
If you find the teachings of Planet Dharma resonate and are wondering how to explore them further, we recommend our free online course called Wake Up: 4 Paths to Spiritual Awakening. This self-study course gives an introduction to the main approaches that Doug and Catherine employ with students to help them find their speediest path to spiritual awakening. You can learn more and register for free by visiting planetdharma.com/wakeup.
As always, you can learn more about Planet Dharma’s offerings at planetdharma.com/podcast.
Sep 2019

Integrate Your Iceberg: Bringing the Shadow into Consciousness

In this talk, Doug and Catherine discuss the importance of bringing all aspects of ourselves into consciousness. Through integrating the shadow we can access greater and greater degrees of freedom and free up huge amounts of energy.
Today’s episode featured a recording from Riding the Dragon, an online course based on the ideas in Doug and Catherine's bestselling book, Wasteland to Pureland.
You can learn about upcoming online courses by visiting planetdharma.com/events and clicking on 'Online Courses'. You can learn more about Wasteland to Pureland, download a free chapter, or purchase your own copy by visiting planetdharma.com/pureland.
Sep 2019

Become a Work of Art: Understanding the 6 Paramis

In this public talk Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat introduce the paramis, 6 aspects of consciousness that have been taught in the buddhadharma for more than two thousand years and allow practitioners to become their own inner and outer works of art. They are qualities that we can grow to feel internally grounded and to act from a positive, wholesome place in our relationships with others.
To download a free paramis reference sheet and to access more resources on this topic, visit planetdharma.com/paramis. 
If you are looking to take a deeper dive into this material, Doug and Catherine teach a long-weekend retreat called Becoming a Work of Art at beautiful Clear Sky Center in the British Columbia Rockies. For more information, visit planetdharma.com/paramis.
And as always, you can learn more about Planet Dharma’s offerings at planetdharma.com/podcast.
Aug 2019

Activate Your Creativity: Surrender to Spaciousness

In this talk from the online course Riding the Dragon, Doug and Catherine explore the concepts of Quantum Creativity and Adaptive Creativity. They discuss how imagination springs forth from spaciousness and how it is the remedy for habitual mind. Surrendering, or letting go, into this spaciousness allows us to move beyond simply running on instinct and tap into our fullest potential. 
Here are the links referred to in the episode:
Register for the free online course called Wake Up: 4 Paths to Spiritual Awakening at planetdharma.com/wakeup.
Learn about upcoming online courses by visiting planetdharma.com/events.
Learn more about Wasteland to Pureland, download a free chapter, or purchase your own copy by visiting planetdharma.com/pureland.
Aug 2019

Connect to Your World: The Power of Lived Experience

In this talk Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat look at the pitfalls of our society’s tendency to value information over lived experience. They discuss ways to integrate knowledge and wisdom so we can live connected lives.
Today’s recording comes from Doug Duncan and Catherine’s Facebook Livestream series, Enlighten Up, a monthly talk given on contemporary topics of awakening.
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Jul 2019

Aligning Your Personal Vision with Absolute Truth

Drawing on material from the first reflection in their book, Wasteland to Pureland, Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat explore the topic of personal vision and connect it to the concepts of absolute and relative truth. Today’s recording is a continuation of the material that you can hear in the Season 3 trailer entitled, Why Awaken?
To explore these ideas further, purchase Wasteland to Pureland: Reflections on the Path to Awakening, available on Kindle and in paperback on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Indigo.
Today’s episode features a recording from Planet Dharma’s first online course of 2019, The Pearl Without Price. Doug and Catherine run 3 or 4 online courses each year. Participants can attend live or watch the recording for one week after each of the 4 weekly sessions. The next online course takes place in September and covers the material in the final section of Wasteland to Pureland, entitled Crazy Wisdom. To learn more about Planet Dharma’s online courses visit planetdharma.com/events and click on “online courses”.
Jul 2019

Season 3 Trailer: A Birthday Podcast

This week is Doug Duncan‘s 70th birthday. We thought this was the perfect time to launch Season 3 of the podcast with its new title, Dharma If You Dare

The first episode of the new season will drop any day now, so stay tuned. Make sure to subscribe wherever you get your Podcasts to receive new episodes directly on your device as soon as they are published. We look forward to sharing a season of thought-provoking, insightful and practical teachings to help you to more fully integrate your spiritual practice into your daily life.
In Season 3 you’ll hear content from Doug and Catherine’s best-selling book, Wasteland to Pureland, along with other teachings that translate traditional wisdom into modern paths of spiritual awakening.
We’ll leave you today with a selection of recordings of birthday messages from some of Doug and Catherine‘s students, wishing Doug Sensei a wonderful birthday. In their messages they share reflections and stories about the impact Doug Sensei has had on their lives. We hope these messages resonate and inspire, reminding us all the value of prioritizing our spiritual development, and the importance of spiritual mentors to guide the way.
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Happy birthday, Sensei!
May 2019

Season 3 Trailer: Why Awaken?

Why Awaken? Today's episode explores the idea of personal vision and how it relates to spiritual unfoldment. It's part of our celebration for the upcoming release of more podcast episodes from Planet Dharma.

Season 3 will begin in mid-July to celebrate Doug Sensei’s 70th birthday!

The Season 3 launch will include a new podcast name, theme music and format. It will be all-new content, but will still have the same focus on how to embrace a path of awakening in modern times by leveraging all that life has to offer.

And to keep you engaged in the teachings between now and the launch of Season 3, Doug Sensei and Catherine Sensei will be hosting a 4-part online course entitled Riding the Dragon: Spiritual Awakening in Modern Life. To learn more about this course, which can be viewed live or via recordings, visit planetdharma.com/events.

We hope you enjoy today’s episode and stay tuned for the launch of Season 3 in July.

For more content from the cutting edge of spiritual awakening, including books, blogs, videos and a free minicourse, visit planetdharma.com/podcast.